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Today, data is one of the most valuable assets of companies. Its storage is a real strategic issue. This is why we have chosen to help you through an infrastructure equipped with the latest technological innovations, but not only. Concerned about the environment, we work every day to reduce our impact on it as much as possible.


Because your journey is unique, we offer you a flexible and reactive support to see far and to take up your new challenges in all serenity.

❎ Ideally located in Metz for easy access to your equipment

Solutions close to your needs from the quarter rack to the private room

❎ Daily “hands and eyes” support

A range of expert and customized services


Because your success depends on the efficiency of your information system, we guarantee you high performance and availability infrastructures.

⏩ A guaranteed availability of 99.982%

⏩ An electrical power of 2 x 520kW per room

⏩ Very high speed redundancy through multiple optical fibers

⏩ Possible connection with a multitude of operators

Certified TIER III and ISO 9001 + ISO 50001


Because your data can be the target of malicious acts that can be costly, we guarantee permanent protection against intrusions and incidents within a highly secure building

🔒 Preventive maintenance with no downtime

🔒 Proactive monitoring 24/7

🔒 Triple authentication of access

🔒 A controlled atmosphere

🔒 A double electrical adduction

🔒 Protection against fire and water damage

🔒 Certified TIER III Facility

🔒 ISO 27001 and Health Data Hosting

Green IT

Because we are convinced that the digital transition can be done in better harmony with the planet, we act to limit our environmental impact.

🌱 A PUE < 1,3

Concerned about our impact on the environment, we use various techniques to reduce our energy impact as much as possible. This allows us to have a PUE (power usage effectiveness) lower than 1.3. PUE is an energy efficiency indicator developed by the Green Grid to measure the energy efficiency of a data center. It is the ratio between the total energy consumed by the entire operating center and the energy consumed by the IT systems alone. On average, French data centers have a PUE of 2.5.

❄ A freecooling system

A technique for regulating the ambient temperature by using outside air for less air conditioning.
The datacenter is cooled by 90% direct freecooling to reduce the energy consumption needed by the machines to cool themselves.

🔌 Photovoltaic production

Thanks to the installation of solar panels on the roof of the building, Advanced MédioMatrix recovers solar energy to transform it into electric current. This provides the datacenter with an additional source of energy while limiting its energy impact.

🔥 Recycling the heat released by servers

No energy should be ignored, which is why we have set up an ambient heat capture system to recover the heat emitted by the racks to heat the offices and running water.

💧 Rainwater recovery

Our planet’s drinking water reserves are becoming rarer by the day. That’s why we take care to harvest rainwater and use it on a daily basis in whatever tasks we can.

🌱 ISO 14001 certified

🌱 Member of the Green IT Alliance

🥐 Made in France preferred

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