A high-performance, secure and eco-responsible datacenter

The design of our data center was entrusted to the liberal architecture association GENS under the supervision of APL, experts in datacenter design. The datacenter is now in line with the most demanding standards in the sector. It meets the TIER IIIcriteria of the Uptime Institute, which require redundancy of all equipment. This technology allows maintenance work to be carried out without any interruption.

The 2700m² building is equipped with the most advanced security tools. Under proactive 24/7 surveillance and equipped with an intrusion detection system, access requires triple authentication and passage through a security gate. It also has a fire and water damage protection system.

The availability of your data is essential for the functioning of your activity. It relies on a continuous power supply and the maintenance of an optimal atmosphere for the computer equipment present.

A double electrical line with a power of 1,6 Megawatt, supplies three rooms of 200m² for 312 racks.

Six autonomous generators and buffer batteries are ready to take over.

We ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are constantly controlled. In addition, we use a cooling technique called freecooling to reduce energy consumption. It allows a lower recourse to the traditional air conditioning system.

These actions allow us to guarantee an availability rate of at least 99.982%.

The will to control our environmental impact is felt in the very design of the building. The roof is equipped with solar panels for photovoltaic production. The heat released by the servers is redirected to heat the offices and the running water. Finally, we choose French-made equipment to promote the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Finally, Advanced MedioMatrix has the distinction of having an experienced technical team from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. Security and sovereignty is therefore a priority.