Our colocation solutions

Reserve your server rack in a certified datacenter.

  • A rack with dimensions of 600 mm x 1200 mm
  • Double door (western type) in the back closed by code lock
  • Equipped with 2 PDUs, each with C13 (IEC 60320) and C19 (IEC 60320) sockets
  • Side panels
  • U-shaped blanking panels to keep the containment tight with respect to the environment
  • Tenant space will be accessible through multiple access controls
  • The admissible weight is 1200 kg/m²

Rent your rack

Advanced MedioMtrix Server Rack clolcation

1/3 rack

▫️  15 U high

🔌 2 x 16A PDUs

20 Mbs shared per rack

⚡️ 0,5 KvA/rack
Initial average power consumption level provided. Power consumption included.

Advanced MedioMtrix Server Rack clolcation

1/2 rack

◽️  22 U high

🔌 2 x 16A PDUs

20 Mbs shared per rack

⚡️ 1,5 KvA/rack
Initial average power consumption level provided. Power consumption included.

Advanced MedioMatrix Server Rack clolcation

1 rack

◻️  47 U high

🔌 Up to 2 x 32A PDUs

20 Mbs shared per rack

⚡️ 3 KvA/rack
Initial average power consumption level provided. Power consumption included.

Outsourcing your information system is a smart strategy.

On the condition that you choose the solution that really corresponds to your needs and evolves with them. If you want to take advantage of reliable, secure, high-performance and adapted hosting, you’ve come to the right place. Control your resources and costs, gain flexibility and agility, maximize the security and availability of your data. Your goals are our goals. We’re here to help you achieve them.

Flexible and customized services

As partners in your business, our experts put a wide range of skills at your service to support you in the best conditions. Whether you wish to keep the hand or to delegate us the management of your infrastructure, our teams will know how to adapt to your aspirations. Let’s define together the services best adapted to your project and its evolutions.

Our strengths

Technical reliability

Site security

Modular slices

Our basic services

Gestures of proximity

  • Support for your service providers
  • Realization of simple maintenance (electrical restart, installation of garter, rotation of bands…)
  • Visual control of the equipment
  • Control of the processing of incident tickets

Logistics service

  • Reception and forwarding of your packages
  • Storage of your packages in the storage room
  • Accompaniment of your service providers previously declared in the room

Tertiary spaces

  • Short and long term rental offices
  • Training room and start-up reception area

Our service +

Delivery Manager

  • Organization of ad-hoc indicators for infrastructures
  • Monitoring of the adequacy between your real needs and your offer
  • Anticipation of necessary evolutions in terms of resources and services
  • Detection of possible dysfunctions and proposal of action plans in coherence

Operations manager

  • Coordination of the proper functioning of your Datacenter services
  • Organization of monitoring committees
  • Liaison between our teams, your teams and your service providers

Shred your IT media at AMM

For several months, we have been working with Katana Digital, the IT media shredder. For traceability, reliability and 100% secure physical destruction of all IT media (hard drives, USB keys, SSDs, tablets …). Once the destruction is done, a certificate of destruction and recycling is given to you. Because yes, the residues of the destroyed IT supports are recycled and revalorized by local partners approved #GreenIT.

How does it work?

  • Make an appointment: contact@mediomatrix.fr
  • When you arrive on site, hand in your IT media to be destroyed
  • The serial numbers are scanned and your IT media are stored in a secure Katana Digital container until they are destroyed on site in the shredder truck
  • Before destruction, your media is scanned again and checked by the Katana Digital agent to verify the completeness of the inventory
  • The Katana Digital shredding truck destroys (shredding according to DIN 66399 H-5, E-2 and T-4) all confidential media on site and under video control
  • A certificate of destruction as well as a certificate of recycling will finally be given to you
Destruction of IT Media

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Our experts are committed to support you in the best possible conditions and to ensure that your infrastructure is working optimally every day.