The company

Our mission

Whether commercial (customers, suppliers, partners…), administrative, legal, financial… data is at the heart of your business. We know this.

Our goal: to free you from any worries related to the hosting of your data and to open new horizons for you.

From the third rack to the private room, everything is possible in the 3rd TIER III Facility certified datacenter in France. Located in Metz, a hub of privileged connections with all of Europe, it is designed with the most efficient technologies.

Our experts are committed to supporting you in the best possible conditions and to ensuring that your infrastructure is working optimally every day.

Priority: the protection of your data
Commitment: 99.982% availability
Vision: a more virtuous and responsible hosting

Open the doors to a more efficient, more available, more secure, more responsible datacenter: a datacenter made for you.

At the origin

At the confluence of the Moselle and Seille rivers, men prepare the land to grow wheat. Further away, others raise cattle. Some sculpt iron, shape clay, dig the ground in search of salt. So much wealth that the city protects, exports and trades.

This prosperous city is Metz two thousand years ago. These men are the “Médiomatriques”.

Today, Advanced MédioMatrix hosts and protects your most precious resources: your data.

At the heart of a high-performance communication network directly linked to our European neighbors, Metz guarantees optimal connectivity to help your business grow.

Expert in agile solutions for companies

After a career in securing IT infrastructures for the French army, Fabrice Couprie, President and Founder of Advanced MédioMatrix, joined the Abalone group, an independent French specialist in human resources, as CIO Europe. He is also President of Impro Solutions, a consulting and IT management company.

Witnessing the digitalization of activities, he saw the storage needs of companies increase tenfold. Based on this observation, his knowledge of companies’ needs and Impro Solutions‘ IT expertise, the idea of offering companies a local, reliable, secure and adapted hosting solution emerged.

Thus was born, in 2014, the project of a French datacenter based in Metz, close to major transportation routes allowing easy access to Paris, major French cities and neighboring European metropoles.

Its geographical location provides optimal connectivity thanks to the department’s very high-speed networks.

Construction, entrusted to the real estate company Babylone and the architects of the liberal architecture association GENS under the supervision of APL, experts in data centers, began in October 2018: the adventure of the first TIER III-certified data center in Moselle has begun!

Quality of service and
environmental respect

The Abalone group has always been committed to an ethical and environmental approach. Its headquarters in Nantes is one of the few positive energy buildings in France. Living in harmony with the environment is part of Advanced MédioMatrix’s DNA. Convinced that the necessary digital development should not be at the expense of the planet, we act in favor of sustainable development by taking actions that allow us to reach a PUE lower than 1.3.

For a more human and safer technology

Fabrice Couprie Fondateur

Advanced MédioMatrix is committed to the environment.

“We are convinced that digital development must and can be done in better harmony with the planet.

We are implementing a maximum of actions in favor of sustainable development to limit our impact and achieve a PUE of less than 1.3, well below the market average.

By choosing Advanced MédioMatrix, you are entrusting us with an essential resource for your business. After a career in securing IT infrastructures for the military, it is important for me to place security at the heart of our commitments.

In order to guarantee you the most secure and efficient service, we have obtained several certifications that meet the highest security standards.

Technology advances with the men and women who build it. We are at your side to build the project best suited to your needs and to support you in its implementation and sustainability.
What better way to get to know you better than to discuss your project together? Contact us now! “

President – Founder